Our brand’s uniqueness is crystallized by our tagline ‘We Collect Rare People’, which combines various elements that are essential in our philosophy. Notably, the ideas of ‘sharing passion’ and ‘community’ with ‘rarity’ and ‘identity’.

“We Collect Rare People”, is a play on words, a sort of oxymoron, making people ask themselves about who is collecting, what, why and whether they would like to join our ‘club’, or better, our ‘family’.

Czapek collects rare people in many ways.

First-of-all, Czapek collects rare supplying partners that provide the brand with rare savoir-faire, proud to be a piece of this exciting project.

Czapek also collects clients with a rare obsession for quality, on the quest for a unique product. In another sense, they too become partners.

Czapek collects as well few yet outstanding retail partners across the globe.

And last but not least, Czapek collects shareholders, fine watch lovers that have always dreamt of not only being customers, but owners of an haute horology venture, and their dream became true thanks to the crowdfunding equity campaign that made the revival of Czapek possible.

"We never planned to create a community, it just emerged from our way of working."

“Since the rebirth of the brand, Czapek has been proud of its ‘family’. We never planned to create a community, it just emerged from our way of working. By opening the books during our fundraise, we became naturally transparent, by being transparent we became collaborative, by being open and collaborative we attracted hundreds of watch-lovers and made them become Ambassadors and create a Community. By collecting rare people, Czapek becomes stronger and more enticing”.

Xavier de Roquemaurel • CEO & Founder


"The brand exists for, and because of the rare people that breathed new life into a story so unbelievable in parts that it seems more akin to fantasy than real life."

What makes a brand tick? Forging relationships and committing to a course of action that observes and respects both heritage and ambition is as important to establishing a brand’s legacy, even at its genesis, as the watches themselves. Differentiation arises from exactly where, on what, or on whom a brand chooses to shine its spotlight.

Czapek & Cie. does not place its past before its present and far less before its future. The brand’s past is a source of inspiration, of wonder, and, in Franciszek Czapek’s case in particular, considerable intrigue. But it is not the focus of the company today. Today, Czapek’s focus in on the people behind the brand – those men and women that helped revive a once-esteemed name from obscurity. The brand exists for, and because of the rare people that breathed new life into a story so unbelievable in parts that it seems more akin to fantasy than real life.

When I first had the chance to work with Xavier in 2015, I started to sense just how different this team is... An increasingly discerning clientele has had a positive effect on creative strategies within our industry. Nowadays, it is more common to hear of brands reaching out over the once-desperately defended ramparts to connect with their audience. In 2012, however, such an open approach to brand development was exceptional.

Crucially, Czapek listens. Rather than dictating to its followers, it responds to them. It has not forgotten how much of its character relies upon the characters behind its success. The brand comprises talented individuals who share a common goal. Beyond that, however, Czapek has its shareholders, media and manufacturing partners, friends of the brand, and, ultimately, its customers to thank for its success.

In short, Czapek is more than a brand. It is a community of like-minded rare people, propelling the once-forgotten master’s marque toward a future that is looking more assured and steady-footed with every subsequent step.

Rob Nudds   Journalist and friend


Czapek collaborates with the best players in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Much more than just suppliers, they are real partners, from the creation process to execution. Thanks to them, to their know-how and unparalleled experience, Czapek is not only able to offer the highest quality, but also to innovate in fields where tradition is benchmark. The concept of Horizontal Manufacture is not new. It is only the contemporary continuation of what was already being done in the 19th century and known as 'établissage'. It is therefore with the greatest pride that we present to you all the partners who have worked with us to create our timepieces:


Founded in 2007 by industry veteran Jean-Francois Mojon and based in Le Locle, Chronode is dedicated to researching, developing and producing mechanical movements, modules and sophisticated horological complications. Since its founding, Chronode has sought out new paths, looking for previously unexplored, untapped principles and offering its clients the opportunity to develop innovative concepts.


The outstanding craftspeople at Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier in the Jura mountains, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking build the SXH3, the bespoke automatic movement of Czapek’s  chronograph, an integrated 5 Hz chrono making use of some of the most advanced and effective mechanical elements.


The 'Grand Feu' enamel is one of the most difficult techniques in watches decorating, offering the highest durability. The master artisan of Donzé Cadrans does not paint the motif on the watch but applies oxides on the dial. Then, the enameller moves the dial into fire (800-900°C) several times to allow motif and colors appear gradually. The 'Grand Feu' enamel sets an unalterable and refined decoration.


Metalem SA is a dial maker with strong roots in the watchmaking industry of the Jura arch since 1928. They master the entire manufacturing process therefore producing only 100% Swiss-made 'haut de gamme' dials. Our beautiful and unique 'guilloché' dials, as well as the 'flinqué' and hand-painted ones come from this extraordinary atelier.


Mainly active in the design and construction of components for the high-end watch industry, both companies were founded by Aurélien Bouchet in 2003 and they are now a fully integrated manufacture.  We owe them the titanium crown protector built into the stretcher as a Boolean function, and the Fleur de Lys hands chased by a tool of 0.15 mm.


As a family business and independent company, Waeber HMS has acquired significant experience in the manufactuing  of watch hands. Today, it is positioned as a reference among Swiss hands producers. Its atelier masters to perfection 20 manual operations necessary to create the hands found in our watches.


At the end of the 18th century, there were 206 engravers in Geneva. This expertise has now almost entirely disappeared and most forms of engraving are now done on automatic engraving-machines or pantographs. Michèle preserves this extraordinary savoir-faire and crafts by hand beautiful motives on our timepieces.


André is one of the finest artisans specialized in the micro-painting artistic craft. Thanks to his skills and passion, we have been able to create bespoke watches of rare beauty, displaying coat of arms family crests, symbols, designs.


"I noticed their transparency with their suppliers and partners, quite unusual."

"I noticed their transparency with their suppliers and partners, quite unusual, and also the crowdfunding model where collectors were invited to become shareholders in the company, enabling the creation of the initial collection. These were early indicators that this was a different brand. Czapek had started collecting rare people."

Nick Meijer • Collector and Friend


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